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Ryan Jones Apr 30, 2021 4:00:00 PM 12 min read

Our 5 HubSpot integrations for Sales

HubSpot is the go-to sales tool for individuals and teams of sales professionals, and with these integrations, your business will be unstoppable. We’ve narrowed down 5 of our favourite apps for sales (in no particular order) so you can make the best ...
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Anna Butler Dec 14, 2020 10:00:15 AM 5 min read

Regifting 7 of our most popular blogs from 2020

Looking for a little light reading over the holiday season? We’ve pulled together 7 of our most popular blogs to add to your reading list, just in case you missed them earlier in the year.  
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Andrea Pelizzari Aug 27, 2020 3:05:52 PM 10 min read

Using buyer personas to improve your marketing

Imagine being told to shoot an arrow at a target while blindfolded. You’d have no idea where your target was and, unless you’re some sort of archery superstar, would almost definitely miss! This is what happens when you create content without ...
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Ryan Jones Jan 20, 2020 2:01:00 PM 13 min read

Why Inbound Marketing is the new Outbound Marketing

No one enjoys being “sold to” and studies have shown that consumers in the internet age are less trusting of marketing and sales tactics than ever before. Clearly, traditional marketing tactics alone aren’t enough. Enter: inbound marketing. Inbound ...
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Ryan Jones Jan 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM 19 min read

The key trends from HubSpot’s Inbound 2019 Conference

The digital marketing industry is continuously evolving. As CEO of Refuel, it's my goal to make sure that my agency keeps up with the constant advancements so we can stay ahead of the curve. It's our goal to continue to deliver our clients’ an ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Nov 7, 2019 3:58:48 PM 12 min read

What is a content strategy?

Your content strategy is your plan for promoting your organisation with tangible media – written, visual or downloadable.
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Liina Puusepp Sep 27, 2019 4:47:38 PM 16 min read

Write Blog Titles That Will Lure Your Readers In

Creating awesome content is typically what us content writers and journalists do. We know our way around grammar, punctuation and a good structure. We also have these weird creative brains that combine a bunch of words into something that people ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Jun 21, 2019 4:00:18 PM 6 min read

Our favourite HubSpot updates in June

Each month HubSpot implements new changes based on the feedback provided by users. Here are our favourite updates for this month!
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Ryan Jones Jan 30, 2019 12:23:00 PM 7 min read

We have launched our webinar series for 2019!

You asked, we listened!  
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Ryan Jones Dec 13, 2018 6:00:00 AM 10 min read

Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

There are lots of online marketing strategies you can use to promote your business and generate leads. Email blasts to search engine optimisation or old-fashioned cold calls can all work. But every lead generation method ultimately fits into one of ...
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Ryan Jones Dec 4, 2018 2:07:47 PM 13 min read

Understanding Your Online Performance & Website Value

One of the first things we do when we start working with a client is to ask them what their goals are.
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Ryan Jones Oct 26, 2018 10:24:00 AM 13 min read

What is inbound marketing?

With the rise of the internet and smartphones comes new marketing opportunities. Conventional marketing tactics, such as cold calls and email blasts, are no longer the best way to convert leads into customers. Instead, smart companies are focusing ...
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