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Our favourite HubSpot updates in June

21 June 2019

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Each month HubSpot implements new changes based on the feedback provided by users. Here are our favourite updates for this month!


HubSpot workflow integration with Asana


HubSpot has now rolled out a new integration with Asana that allows you to create and update tasks using HubSpot workflows.

For those who are unfamiliar with Asana, it is a powerful project management tool. It’s a web and mobile app that helps teams plan and manage their work.

With this new integration, you can now leverage the customer data in your Hubspot CRM to trigger your tasks and processes in Asana.

Our favourite feature for this update is that when a sales deal closes in HubSpot, the tasks associated with that new client are automatically created in Asana. This saves all that repetitive setup time that could be better used on actually delivering on client outcomes!

Learn more about this new integration here.


Updates to Social Media reports


This month, HubSpot has launched “Publish Anywhere” reporting for social platforms in their social media hub.

This has proven to be super helpful for us at Refuel. There are times when we need to make use of the native features on a platform which prevents us from posting through HubSpot. Now these posts will be added to our HubSpot reports rather than having to report on them separately.

With this update, HubSpot has literally become our one-stop-shop for all social reporting!

Read more about the changes to social here.


AI-powered duplicate contact management


No one likes weeding through contacts trying to match up duplicates. I’ve spent many an hour in Excel trying to match up different contacts and remove every single duplicate. This new update makes that a thing of the past!

Their customers have spoken and HubSpot has listened.

Duplicate data never leads to a good outcome. No one has the time to manually find and remove duplicate data. This is where the latest update comes into play.

You can now automatically have your duplicate data identified and managed at the click of a mouse!


duplicate data screenshot


The best part is that you are prompted to review the suspected duplicates before any actions are taken so you sleep easy at night knowing you won’t lose any contacts from your database!

Learn how to use the new feature here.


Better functionality for the email tool


Because HubSpot prides themselves on being a tool that scales as you grow, they’ve made a significant change for their small business customers.

Previously, if you were using a free email provider like Yahoo or Gmail, DMARC Policies (include link) prevented you from adding these emails to HubSpot. The resident brainiacs at HubSpot have figured out a handy workaround for these policies.

Now your email will go from to Your “reply to” email address will remain the same, meaning your replies will still go directly to your inbox.

Additionally, they’ve improved the customisation of some marketing email editor features.


Finally, another hugely helpful email update.

Email deliverability has been enhanced with improved unsubscribed and bounced reports. Even better is that these new reports now include the reason for a bounced email in them, previously it just said TRUE or FALSE.

See all the details of the updates to email marketing campaign features here.


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