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Everyone wants good SEO, but few actually understand how to get it. We’re here to demystify the SEO process and give you tangible results with a transparent and data-driven strategy.
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Before the internet became commonplace, most businesses wanted the biggest and best advert in the phone book - this is where people went to find answers to their problems after all.

Today, people go to search engines like Google to find their answers, so your business should be front and centre for all to see.

We’ve helped businesses with their search engine optimisation in Australia and around the world, helping them smash their growth goals again and again.

More than keywords

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SEO is more than just throwing all your favourite keywords on a page. You need to target the keywords people are using and create entertaining, relevant content with good quality backlinks.

Ever since people started trying to game their system, Google has been working to increase emphasis on relevant, quality content. As a result, good SEO content needs to clearly answer the topic at hand and provide value to readers.

A modern, proactive SEO strategy will:

Give you a deeper understanding of your customers
Grow your brand awareness
Increase your leads
Build your audience’s trust
Entertain your audience

Content matters

Always prioritise quality over quantity!

The more optimised content you make for your website, the more visitors your website will get on a regular basis.

It’s easy to write for the Google crawler, but remember that your customers will read your content too! You should create optimised, relevant, and entertaining content that offers value to your target audience and keeps them coming back for more.

We create engaging, optimised content to increase your audience and keep them interested in your brand.

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Think about your audience

It’s easy to see SEO as a numbers game. You can easily get lost in a tide of impressions and clicks; but it’s important to remember that you’re writing for your customers.

Good SEO content clearly answers a customer’s question.

When thinking about your online content, consider what problems your customers are facing and how your product solves those problems.

To highlight and understand our target customers, we create buyer personas - a semi-fictional representation of target customers. By semi-fictional, we don’t just write a story about a person named Claire who may or may not want better SEO.

We crunch the numbers so the content reaches the right demographics and fine-tune our content so that it engages and appeals to them.

Learn more about buyer personas

Our SEO approach

Our SEO team builds goals-oriented SEO plans that help businesses find the success they need.

Our marketing SEO services take a holistic approach to strategy. We get you the success you need by considering your business’ current standing and where you want to be in the future.

Read our ultimate guide to SEO

We have a proven SEO framework in place to help our clients climb up the search engine rankings:

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Understanding your current website search rankings

Our team will conduct a thorough website audit and SEO analysis. We'll dive into your current SEO performance, keyword rankings, keyword research, top keywords, and any technical issues that may prevent you from ranking on search engines.

After uncovering this data, we then deliver a detailed SEO report. This shows any key opportunities to increase your organic search rankings, and an SEO plan to take you to the next level.

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Technical SEO

Fixing the issues that can stop you ranking

We remove the roadblocks that stop your website from ranking by fixing minor technical and optimisation issues.

We fix these technical issues so that search engines can see your content. Typically, fixing these common SEO issues result in instant improvement.

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Content optimisation

Improve your keyword rankings with more relevant content

We create relevant content with the keywords people are already looking for on search engines.

With fresh, optimised content, you’ll get awesome content that keeps your existing customers engaged and new customers coming in.

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Content strategy

Build your authority with search engines using the right content

We use a content strategy to prepare content in advance by forecasting trends. It allows us to assess your business, consider what kind of content would benefit you and then implement it efficiently.

We use the latest technology tools to implement our strategies. We closely track content performance (e.g. engagement metrics, conversion rates), and adjust the SEO strategy according to what is performing. This ensures we can provide our clients with a measurable and transparent return.

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Off-site SEO

Build your domain authority with backlinks

Your SEO ranking isn’t only determined by what’s on your website. Backlink quality can either have a positive or negative impact on your search ranking.

You will need to increase your domain authority by building quality backlinks to your website.

Building authority can happen naturally, but we can also make this happen by promoting your website or web page via social media or other relevant websites.

Do I need to work with an SEO agency on an ongoing basis?

In short, if you want the best, most consistent results, you will need the support of an SEO agency on your side.

While ‘doing SEO’ once can improve your SEO standing to a certain degree, you’ll only see significant results with an ongoing, organic SEO marketing campaign.

In our SEO process, our audit and technical phases are generally one-off tasks. However, we still monitor technical issues on an ongoing basis, ensuring that a client’s website continues to be optimised for SEO.

To ensure a website continues to gain organic traffic, ongoing considerations are necessary:

1 Competitors

Your competitors are engaging in inbound SEO too. So your SEO campaigns are an ongoing attempt to outrank your competitors.

2 Customers

Your customer tastes change. They might be searching for different terms, different wording or phrasing, and you need to stay on top of this.

3 Content

You should be generating regular content. You need to be creating content long term to grow your organic traffic and answer a myriad of customer questions. You will also need to adjust your SEO strategy in the future once SEO data begins to stream in.

Why choose Refuel?

Our team at Refuel Creative are pushing data-driven, proactive search engine marketing in Australia and around the world. We pride ourselves on being the SEO marketing agency you’ll enjoy working with.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our clients have to say:

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We don’t just want to tell you that we get results with our SEO services in Australia and around the world, we want to show you:

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We offer a free SEO Check. This gives you an idea of the process our SEO specialists undertake and the data you'll receive before committing to SEO consulting services.

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