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Refuel Creative

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Our sophisticated team of experts and nerds offers a brilliant blend of business and marketing insight, powered alongside technological know-how and specific support.

We provide end-to-end solutions for businesses and not-for-profit organisations to maximise their online presence. If you’re not standing out or fitting in, we can help.

Meet the Refuel team

Our sophisticated team of experts and nerds offers a brilliant blend of business and marketing insight, powered alongside technological know-how and specific support.
Web Developer

Adam Schwarz

Adam is our go-to man for all things web-related, whether it's fixing a problem on your site, connecting to 3rd party applications, or building a brand new site from scratch, Adam's your man.

Adam is a self-professed geek through and through. He spends his spare time creating entire worlds for Dungeons and Dragons and brings that same level of creativity and detail to his work for our clients.

Videographer & Content Creator

Carol Cressoni

Carol is a skilled Videographer and Video Editor who has had the opportunity to engage with many esteemed clients in the course of her career, delivering high-end productions.

Graduating in Communications and with a Masters in Digital Media, she is always connected to new trends related to media content, which greatly influences her creative process.

SEM Specialist

David Sherwell

I have spent a majority of my career working as a Managing Director of 3 varying successful companies. Throughout this time of almost 20 years I have demonstrated strengths in general management, traditional and digital marketing. I continue to approach each of these areas with a strong return on investment focus, and a creative flair to match. Now I continue to help businesses grow online through performance driven digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Specialist

Maria Yoffreda

Maria is our up-and-coming Digital Marketing Specialist. She recently finished her Master's in Marketing and is a little bit too excited to put it to good use. She loves anything social media and thrives on strategising content that drives conversions and finding new ways to engage with an audience.

With a deep obsession with Harry Potter, we don't recommend you mention anything related to the wizarding world unless you want to start a 3-hour long conversation. Fun fact, she also has experience as a makeup artist and loves to give cruelty-free beauty recommendations.

Administration Officer

Melissa Banks

Melissa is the saviour we all needed to keep our work lives in check! Her provision of baked goods and the ability to keep us all in check has afforded her the unofficial title of “Office Mum.”

However, her real title is Admin Officer. She makes sure that all the information that our clients send, call in, and email to us is communicated to the right team members.

Account Strategist

Olivier Maennel

Olivier is a results-oriented marketing professional with hands-on experience in marketing, e-commerce, communications and advertising - both in France and Australia.

An avid HubSpot user and Inbound Marketing enthusiast, Olivier is dedicated to helping customers unlock their full potential through content marketing and automation, and loves when it involves creating complex workflows!

Graphic Designer

Rachael Pearson

Rachael is our resident caffeinated and slightly dog obsessed design nut. A recent graduate of her Visual Communication degree, she is a huge typography nerd with a love of the bright and well organized. 

Always smiling and always willing to help, you’ll often find her glued to her screen, making our work as beautiful and eye-catching as possible or fawning over any and all dogs in the vicinity.

Digital Marketing Manager

Rubina Carlson

Rubina puts the 'social' in social media! She loves coffee or wine. Fun fact: she wears a fascinator every day (not just race days). So if you see a fascinator at an event, $10 says it's Rubina under that fancy headwear.

She is a digital marketing zealot, with a genuine passion for all things marketing and technology, and brings over ten years of digital marketing experience to the team.

Founder & CEO

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones is the founder (and resident genius) of Refuel Creative, with over twenty years of experience in technology, web design, and marketing. Ryan is a skilled marketer, technology consultant, and Google Ads, specialist.

Ryan is a Certified Professional Marketer. He's been a speaker at conferences across Australia and South East Asia on marketing, websites, and Google Ads.


Sam Hutchinson

Originally from the UK, Sam studied a Masters in Philosophy and has experience in journalism and business writing. He is passionate about writing content that is engaging and full of personality.

In the wild, he's typically seen drinking too much coffee and tapping away at a keyboard.

US Business Development Representative

Justin Weyant

Justin leads Refuel's sales in North America, and he likes working with clients to develop successful marketing strategies. With over six years of experience in search and social, you can usually find him at the gym or jamming his favourite Spotify playlists when he's not working.

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