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Blog Post by Andrea Pelizzari

Andrea Pelizzari Oct 16, 2020 3:25:02 PM 9 min read

Meet our words whiz, Anna!

One of the hugely positive things to happen in 2020 is that we gained our wonderful wordsmith, Anna! Anna, or Anna Butler as she's known to her friends, joined our team as our new Content Marketer in May. She's been so busy that it's taken us a few ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Aug 27, 2020 3:05:52 PM 10 min read

Using buyer personas to improve your marketing

Imagine being told to shoot an arrow at a target while blindfolded. You’d have no idea where your target was and, unless you’re some sort of archery superstar, would almost definitely miss! This is what happens when you create content without ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Aug 21, 2020 1:15:28 PM 6 min read

Meet the man behind the websites - Adam Schwarz

Most of you know our Graduate Designer, Adam Schwarz, he's been with us for a while now! Adam is the person who builds your websites and does all the nitty gritty work behind the scenes to keep your website up and running. Given he's such an ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Apr 18, 2020 3:49:00 PM 9 min read

Preparing your business for remote working

Countries and cities around the world are in lockdown due to COVID-19. As the situation evolves around the world, governments are calling on businesses to do their part. We all need to encourage social distancing to protect the health and wellbeing ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Jan 15, 2020 9:00:00 AM 17 min read

What is retargeting & how does it work?

What if I told you that when someone visits your website once, you can keep sending them ads until they purchase something from your business, or convert into a lead?
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Andrea Pelizzari Jan 10, 2020 9:47:00 AM 8 min read

HubSpot's new Marketing Hub Enterprise is amazing & here's why

Something often experienced by fast-growing companies is that they tend to need more and more marketing tools to execute different parts of their strategy. You end up with a CRM, email marketing, social media management, e-commerce, website ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Nov 29, 2019 9:19:22 AM 8 min read

Why You Should Give A Damn About D.A.M. (Digital Asset Management)

Digital Asset Management is the practice of housing all of your digital files in one place, so that the latest versions can be easily found and used when they are needed. It sounds simple (and maybe a bit boring), but if you run your own business, ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Nov 25, 2019 3:10:35 PM 18 min read

How Facebook’s 2020 Ad Limits Will Affect Online Advertising

Facebook is essentially the pinnacle of social media advertising. The original and the best. The OG! Between itself and its sister app Instagram, businesses are able to rack up big bucks through creating effective ads that pop up on users' news ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Nov 7, 2019 3:58:48 PM 12 min read

What is a content strategy?

Your content strategy is your plan for promoting your organisation with tangible media – written, visual or downloadable.
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Andrea Pelizzari Oct 10, 2019 3:21:11 PM 15 min read

Escaping MailChimp’s pricing changes with HubSpot

Have you recently been advised by MailChimp that your account will be upgraded due to the number of contacts on your mailing list? Can you no longer have multiple users accessing your account? You might be looking into alternatives before handing ...
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Andrea Pelizzari Aug 2, 2019 11:32:45 AM 7 min read

Our favourite HubSpot updates in July

Every month, the team at HubSpot upgrade their tools to make sure their clients are getting the absolute best value for money. July was no exception.
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Andrea Pelizzari Jun 21, 2019 4:00:18 PM 6 min read

Our favourite HubSpot updates in June

Each month HubSpot implements new changes based on the feedback provided by users. Here are our favourite updates for this month!
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