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Help the bushfire recovery with the #BookThemOut campaign

Posted by Ryan Jones on Jan 21, 2020. Reading time is 9 min 0 Comment

As many of you will know, Australia has been ravaged by a number of bushfires over our summer. Word of these fires spread far and wide, and we had partners from as far afield as Boston and Paris checking in on us to make sure we’re ok as they turned on their TVs and scrolled their social media to see the devastation.

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Top 5 highlights for Refuel in 2019

Posted by Ryan Jones on Jan 03, 2020. Reading time is 8 min 0 Comment

2019 proved to be a pretty monumental year for Refuel Creative. It was only our second full year in business but saw successes, achievements and of course the occasional hiccup along the way.

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Meet our Project Manager, Jasmine Kurda

Posted by Jasmine Kurda on Dec 27, 2019. Reading time is 4 min 0 Comment

It's time to meet Jasmine, our new Project Manager at Refuel Creative. Jasmine has been part of the team for the last two months working to streamline our service delivery and operations.

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Building your value statement & organisation culture

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 15, 2019. Reading time is 12 min 0 Comment

When I started this business, I underestimated the value of a lot of formal structures. Things like vision and mission statements and documented processes seemed unnecessary when working from home. My dogs were my colleagues. They didn't care about values as long as they got their food and a scratch behind the ear.

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