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Tracking Marketing Performance With Google Analytics

Posted by Alessia Marrapodi on Jan 20, 2020. Reading time is 13 min 0 Comment

Google offers a range of marketing tools that help people make some big 'money moves' (that's a pop culture reference for those wondering). This is all designed to help you track the performance of your online marketing, and of course, your Google Ads performance.

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The 5 Most Iconic Aussie Commercials That Shaped Our Culture

Posted by Alessia Marrapodi on Jan 17, 2020. Reading time is 9 min 0 Comment

In the land down under, we love TV commercials. In fact, a lot of our Aussie slang has come from the most iconic ads in Australian history. The whole country basically has several inside jokes thanks to the wonder of TV. Not that we needed any more reason for foreigners not to understand our Aussie humour.

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What is retargeting & how does it work?

Posted by Alessia Marrapodi on Jan 14, 2020. Reading time is 11 min 0 Comment

What if I told you that when someone visits your website once, you can keep sending them ads until they purchase something from your business, or convert into a lead?

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A Basic Overview Of Google Data Studio

Posted by Alessia Marrapodi on Jan 13, 2020. Reading time is 7 min 0 Comment

If you're anything like me, when I hear the word "data", I immediately feel dread in anticipation of the time it will take to pull out meaningful metrics. Data usually comes in the form of numbers, charts, tables and an overload of analytics. When you work in marketing, you need fast access to data to strategise and make the right decisions for your campaigns and inform clients of their ROI.

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