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Adelaide: A HubSpot Content Hub theme for Destination Marketing Organisations

16 May 2024

Refuel's new HubSpot pages

We’re excited to announce that after much time and dedication (and sore fingers from coding), we are launching our very first HubSpot Content Hub theme into the Marketplace - Adelaide.

Taking inspiration from Refuel’s home town, we’ve designed a beautiful website theme that’s simple to update for marketers and easy to navigate for visitors. In other words, our HubSpot website theme is here for anyone looking to freshen up their website and improve user experience.

Learn more about the journey to development and our inspirations below (and grab a limited edition launch price too).  

Why have we made a HubSpot CMS theme?

We decided to make this theme to help fill a gap in the market for HubSpot themes. We were approached by Destination Marketing Organisations (DMO) who had a need for a website theme. There was a need for something that would suit these organisations out of the box. They wanted something that would suit a DMO website. 

We understand the unique challenges DMOs face in creating compelling, captivating websites to attract visitors and promote their regions. That's why we poured our energy into Adelaide, a theme designed to transform your HubSpot website into a marketing powerhouse.

We also wanted to showcase the skills of our designers and developers in HubSpot's Content Management System (hi Content Hub 👋) and show this as an example to businesses on the type of work we can achieve.

Want your own custom theme? Learn more about our Refuel web development services below 

Inspired by our home 

We’ve named our new theme after our vibrant headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia. The city of churches (and wine) was a natural choice to mark our step into theme creation. 

It felt apt that our first theme be named after our home city, but we also wanted to bring a racing edge to our name. All the biggest motor sport races are named after cities, so we wanted our HubSpot theme to take on this racing tradition.

The Adelaide street circuit is the scene of some great Formula 1 races, and more recently some thrilling Supercars endurance races.

Tailored for destination marketing success

Refuel's HubSpot Theme, Adelaide

The Adelaide theme isn't just about aesthetics (though we assure you, it's beautiful!). It's designed to deliver a seamless, personalised experience that resonates with potential travellers.

Check out a live version of the theme for yourself below

Experience the theme

We've packed it with features that DMOs need to succeed:

Stunning visual layouts

The travel and hospitality industry needs to capture the eye. With Adelaide, you can showcase the best your destination has to offer with captivating imagery and dynamic content blocks.

Intuitive navigation

User experience is crucial, that’s why we designed Adelaide with the user experience front and centre. 

Make it easy for visitors to find accommodation, attractions, and arts & and entertainment with clear menus and search functions.

Customisable sections

Create compelling pages dedicated to specific regions, tourism experiences, or packages.

No one wants to spend hours and hours creating a beautiful website. We designed Adelaide so that anyone who can click a mouse will be able to update the page.

HubSpot integration

Take advantage of HubSpot's powerful CRM and marketing tools to personalise content, nurture leads, and track campaign success.

With Adelaide, you’re combining beauty with the brains and capabilities of HubSpot’s CRM. 

Effortless, from Free to Enterprise

Whether you're a HubSpot Free user or run an Enterprise website, the Adelaide theme moulds perfectly to your setup.

Our focus was on flexibility and accessibility, ensuring that Destination Marketing Organisations of all sizes can benefit from this powerful solution.

How can you get started with the Adelaide theme?

Getting started is easy. Just hit the button below to buy the theme on the HubSpot marketplace and get into the Adelaide spirit.

To make things even better, we're offering Adelaide at a special launch price of $99 until June 30

The Refuel Difference

As a HubSpot solutions partner, we understand the platform inside and out. The Adelaide theme is more than just a collection of modules; it's infused with our expertise. Expect smooth implementation, ongoing support, and the unwavering dedication that's central to the Refuel Creative experience.

Are you ready for a stunning website that drives bookings and tourism growth?

Get the Adelaide theme today and discover how it can supercharge your destination marketing efforts!

Sam Hutchinson

Sam’s the resident writer and office DJ at Refuel. With a background in academia, journalism, and marketing, Sam can find the words our clients need to attract, engage, and convert those tricky leads.