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How we got the most out of HubSpot’s Service Hub

25 June 2023

How we started using HubSpot Service Hub

We’ve always been big HubSpot users, but we didn’t start using HubSpot Service Hub to its full potential until fairly recently. 

In our latest HubSpot User Group (HUG) event, we dived into our Service Hub story, explaining our initial challenges, how we deployed Service Hub, and how it helped overcome these initial challenges. 

The HUG recap

If you want to check out the HUG event in its entirety, watch the full presentation by Ollie and Rubina below! 

What is Service Hub? 

HubSpot Service Hub is a powerful customer service software solution that aims to make it easier for businesses to interact with and support their customers. 

The Service Hub allows businesses to create easy ticketing systems, track and manage customer inquiries, and improve the customer experience with FAQs and knowledge base.  

Additional HubSpot Service Hub features also provide robust reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into key performance metrics and make data-driven decisions to continually improve their customer service operations.

Ultimately, HubSpot Service Hub empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences and build long-lasting relationships with their valued customers.

Life before Service Hub 

If Service Hub was so good, why wasn’t Refuel using it from the beginning? The short answer is that we should have been. 

Before jumping onto Service Hub and getting the best out of the platform, we relied on various analog methods to stay on track of customer service. This largely revolved around emails and phone. 

While this worked for a while, we discovered that it resulted in various bottlenecks of information. For instance, if someone was off sick or on annual leave, that customer would have to wait until the team member returned to get an update on their request. 

Additionally, the system also meant that the CEO was still roped into the request process. While this was necessary in the early days of Refuel, the business had changed and the CEO wasn’t able to answer every question from clients. 

To sum up, our customer support: 

  • Was often limited to any one person’s capacity.
  • Needed lots of manual work.
  • Had no reminders.
  • Had no nurture of the customer.
  • Had no reporting.

What we did 

We knew that, to keep up with the current size of the business, we had to change how we managed our customer service. 

To begin, we:  

  • Started populating the Knowledge Base.
  • Set up our Customer Portal.
  • Spruced up our HubSpot ticketing system.
  • Set up automations to help remind the team and the customer the status of the service ticket.
  • Created feedback surveys.
  • Pushed for use of our support inbox.
  • Set up reporting.

After setting up the basics, we took our pipeline to the next level with some awesome customisation. Adding automation really helped us get our customer service into top gear. We seamlessly integrated our ticket pipeline with Slack and ClickUp, making communication and task management a breeze.

To make sure we were hitting the mark, we created a feedback survey to get some valuable insights on how our new systems were working for everyone. Wanting to stay on top of things, we set up a slick reporting dashboard that gives us real-time data and analytics. 

To spread the word even further, we launched a campaign to encourage our clients to hop on board and make the most of this fantastic tool. With all these fantastic efforts combined, we've created a well-oiled machine where streamlined processes and effective collaboration take the spotlight.

What we learned 

While we’d implemented the Service Hub, we still had lots of room for improvement. 

Regarding the knowledge base, we still need to jazz it up with more personality so that it sounds more on brand. In addition, we also need to keep improving it and ensuring that our clients know about it. 

We also need to create more snippets and templates for the team to use when responding to clients, improve ticket reminders, and think about how frequently we send feedback surveys. 

Need support with your Service Hub? 

As HubSpot Partners, we’re here to get the most out of your HubSpot Service Hub. We have the connections, tools, and experience you need to get your Service Hub up and running quickly and efficiently. 

Learn more about our HubSpot services below.

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