5 ways you can increase leads with chatbots

Posted by Ryan Jones on Oct 16, 2018. Reading time: 8 mins

Every inbound marketing campaign is focused on your customers' needs, but on a standard work schedule, it is difficult to be available whenever it’s convenient for your customers.

Live chat software has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years as they have become cheaper and easier to access. Your website visitors probably prefer live chat at this point, as they’re able to engage with your organisation fast without making a phone call.

But what if you offer live chat, but you aren’t available to respond in real time? Enter chat bots.

Chatbot technology has become increasingly advanced over the years. Chat bots can be available for your customers any time, day or night, capturing leads and providing live support while you sleep.

You may be wondering, what are chat bots?

Chatbots are essentially live support software that uses information straight from your company to create meaningful conversations with customers. By incorporating chatbots into your marketing strategy, you can increase your company’s leads and conversions.

You can eliminate the extra step of visiting the lead capture page, and capture chat leads on the page they’re reading. You can ask qualifying questions to shorten your sales cycle by spending time with the most relevant leads.

Chatbots are available 24/7

Most marketers put in an impressive amount of working hours during the week, but for their sanity, they eventually have to go home. That means outside normal business hours, there isn’t usually anyone in the office to assist customers.

Just because your business is closed for the day, doesn’t mean customers will leave you alone. That’s where an AI chatbot can come in.

Chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can help customers in the middle of the night, on holidays, and while everyone in the office is on conference calls. By offering a 24/7 representative, you are ensuring your chat leads are always followed up.

Book meetings with chatbots 24 hours a day

Chat conversations can be followed up in the morning, and thanks to tools like HubSpot’s conversations inbox, can be centrally managed within your organisation.


Chatbots use knowledge from your database

Since chatbots will be talking to customers about your products, it is important they understand what you are offering.

With intuitive software like HubSpot’s chat builder, you can ensure your bot knows your industry’s jargon. HubSpot’s chat builder is simple, you don’t have to know how to code to get your chatbot up and running. You can choose a template based on the goal of your chatbot. You can also use the visual editor to ensure the bot is matching our company’s voice and tone.

Personalised chatbots

Just because customers are talking to a bot, doesn’t mean the conversation has to be robotic. With Hubspot, you can give your bots the human touch. Once you have developed a customer profile, your bot can deliver conversations based on their previous needs. These messages are friendly and helpful.

Not everyone who talks to a chatbot will want to buy your goods or services. Some customers will be reaching out to a bot for advice or with specific questions, only to find your customer service team are asleep.

Support Via Chatbot

With Drift, bots can give customers the support they need, without consulting with a human. Drift pulls knowledge straight from your support tools like Zendesk, Help Scout, and Helpdocs. This will allow you to focus on leads, rather than customers that have basic questions.


Workflows that allow a human to step in

No matter how advanced your AI chatbot is, there are bound to be moments when it stumbles. These minor bumps aren’t an issue, because chatbots allow real humans to easily take over the conversation.

Typically, companies will install a word or phrase that alerts employees that the customer would like to talk to a representative, rather than the chatbot. When a customer types the word “human” or “representative,” someone from your company will be alerted and can step in to live chat with the customer. This will ensure your leads are followed, even if the bot glitches.

Once the customer has asked for a human, you can analyse the problem the bot was having. You may often find the customer is simply too impatient to sit through the chatbot’s questions. Unfortunately, there isn’t a solution to impatience. However, if you find your chatbot is giving improper answers to some customer questions or is having a hard time responding to certain requests, you can update the chatbot’s software to make it more user-friendly.


Increase leads with chat bots

If your content marketing game is strong, you will attract the right kind of leads to your website. They’ll be searching for your products or services on Google, or seeing your social media posts, finding your content, and want their questions answered.

This is where chat bots come in.

At a basic level, your chat bots can capture the visitor's email address and personal detail so your sales team can follow up. This can be done on the landing page the visitor was reading, so they can continue to read the content while talking to your chat bot.

This conversational marketing approach has been shown to significantly improve lead capture conversion rates. At Refuel, after implementing Drift and advanced playbooks, we increased our conversions by 56%!


Qualify Leads on Your Site

>One of the most important functions of a chatbot is qualifying leads. Unlike other lead generating activities on your website, chatbots allow for user interaction, allowing your live chat agents to qualify your leads.

When chatbots start a conversation they can find out if potential customers are ready to buy or what products they are interested in. You can use artificial intelligence to program your bot to immediately send the customer product recommendations based on the chat.

If you want more involvement from the sales team, you can have the chatbot make a human take over conversations where the chatbot’s machine learning detects the customer is ready to make a purchase.

Using a chatbot, you can determine what customers fell onto your site by accident, what customers are just browsing, and which leads are qualified. This ensures you or your sales team are prioritising high quality, Conversational Qualified Leads (CQL).


Set Meetings and Appointments

Once your chatbot has qualified your leads, it can automatically set up an appointment for you.

Book Meetings With ChatbotsIf the chatbot determines a customer is interested in your products but should learn more, it can set up a meeting between you and the customer. When you come into work in the morning, you can receive a list of all the meetings the bot has set up for you overnight.

Drift chatbots can provide the customer with a variety of times and dates for the potential customer to choose from. It automatically syncs with your calendar, so you will not be double booked. Similarly, the HubSpot chatbot can show prospects your sales teams calendar, so they can choose a meeting time that is best for them.


Keep your records up to date

A great chat widget lets you keep your contact records up to date. HubSpot’s Conversations live chat automatically ads a contact’s live chat transcript to their contact record in HubSpot CRM. If you’re using Drift for your chat bots, you can integrate it with a number of CRMs, including HubSpot, to do the same thing.

This ensures your CRM remains your single source of truth within your organisation. The one central point that stores all customer interaction so your team can provide the best customer service.


Want to learn more?

Refuel Creative are vastly experienced in conversational marketing, and we want to help you implement these new tools and tactics in your organisation.

We are offering a free Conversational Marketing Assessment and setup. We will setup Drift and your first playbook (on Pro tier and above) or HubSpot Conversations free of charge. All you need to do is pay for any licence costs.

We’re also giving away a limited number of copies of Drift’s Conversational Marketing book, introducing this new marketing tactic and how it can help you improve lead capture. Just send us a message through our Drift live chat and we’ll send you a free copy!

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