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Tracking marketing performance with Google Analytics

Posted by Ryan Jones on Jan 20, 2020. Reading time is 13 min 0 Comment

Google offers a range of free marketing tools that help people track the performance of your online marketing, and of course, your Google Ads performance.

One of the most popular, Google Analytics (or GA for short) has been around since 2005. Google Analytics was one of the first website analytics tools that was free and easy to collect data.

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A lesson in Google Ad Extensions

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 12, 2019. Reading time is 9 min 0 Comment

Google Ad Extensions are a pretty simple concept and are often misunderstood as being unnecessary. However, when it comes to Google ads, even the smallest additions can make all the difference. Think about it, when is an “extension” ever a bad thing?

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Understanding Your Online Performance & Website Value

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 04, 2018. Reading time is 8 min 0 Comment

One of the first things we do when we start working with a client is to ask them what their goals are.

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