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Melissa Banks Nov 25, 2020 9:59:22 AM 11 min read

4 Elements of Good Customer Service

We’ve all been at the receiving end of poor customer service at some point in our lives. If you haven’t, you’re certainly one of the lucky ones! Those who have, know just how frustrating it can be when you get the runaround or transferred from one ...
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Anna Butler Aug 9, 2020 11:01:31 AM 17 min read

Expand your market reach with BigCommerce

Want to share your products and services with the world, but don’t know where to start? If you’re a small bricks and mortar store, sales beyond your immediate neighbourhood might seem to be the territory of the big players. Ecommerce opens up ...
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Connor Jacobssen Apr 17, 2020 2:23:52 PM 9 min read

Setting achievable marketing goals for the new year

Setting marketing goals is like driving a car. When we drive our car, we have a destination in mind. If we don't, we might as well ask ourselves, "why are we driving?". This is the same concept we can apply to setting our marketing goals. If we are ...
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Ryan Jones Jan 21, 2020 10:49:44 AM 17 min read

7 Corporate Video Marketing Ideas

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me their work was too boring to make videos for, I’d be a trillionaire. It can be difficult to think of engaging marketing campaigns while staying on brand. It doesn't seem like professionalism and ...
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Ryan Jones Jan 3, 2020 3:58:57 PM 13 min read

Top 5 highlights for Refuel in 2019

2019 proved to be a pretty monumental year for Refuel Creative. It was only our second full year in business but saw successes, achievements and of course the occasional hiccup along the way.
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Ryan Jones Dec 16, 2019 8:15:00 AM 18 min read

Building your value statement & organisation culture

When I started this business, I underestimated the value of a lot of formal structures. Things like vision and mission statements and documented processes seemed unnecessary when working from home. My dogs were my colleagues. They didn't care about ...
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