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First place Digital Marketing for the Australian Centre for Business Growth

• 31 January 2024

Services used:

  • Digital advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • WordPress

Completion date:



South Australia, Australia

Who is the Australian Centre for Business Growth?

The Australian Centre for Business Growth (AUCBG) delivers world-class growth programs that provide business owners, CEOs, Managing Directors, and their executive team members with the knowledge and skills they need to grow their companies.

We worked with the Australian Centre for Business Growth to deliver a full service digital support across social media marketing, paid advertising, SEO and website management.

After approaching our team, the Australian Centre for Business Growth saw their PPC leads increase, their social media become more consistent, and were able to receive on demand website support.

What was their problem?

AUCBG wanted more leads. To get this, they needed a holistic approach to their digital presence. Their digital advertising and marketing strategies weren’t bringing in the number of leads they needed. 

In addition, their website also needed support in order to ensure that it was capable of converting leads and ranking high on Google. 

Their team was also finding it challenging to manage the requirements of their day-to-day activities and the marketing efforts needed to take the AUCBG to the next level. This had a large impact on the AUCBG’s social media and their email marketing campaigns. 

Their needs

Drive more leads and establish their position as a thought leader in the business growth space.

A data-driven PPC plan to drive the leads they need across their assessment clinics.

An email marketing campaign that works with their existing tech stack.

Consistent, reliable social media to grow their brand and maintain their online presence.

A website audit to ensure that it is capable of converting leads once users land on the site. The most viewed landing page, the Contact Us page (over 35% of page views), has a conversion rate less than 0.02%

What we did

The AUCBG project was an almost all encompassing task for the Refuel team. Everyone except the video team was working on the project at one time or another.

Working with the Business Development Manager, Richard Littleton, we developed a holistic marketing and website plan that would help them achieve their goals and bring in more leads for AUCBG.


Two Google Search Campaigns were set up using the existing Australian Centre for Business Growth Google Ad account, both for the consideration stage and the conversion stage. This is a key part of the strategy as it targeted an audience with a high intent to purchase - either searching for the Centre, specific programs or for specific terms related to business growth programs.

As the Centre ramped up its marketing in NT and WA, we were able to carry out ad creative refreshes, adjust the targeting and budgets to meet the goals of the Centre and get the leads they needed to fill their clinics.

Social media

We worked with the Australian Centre for Business Growth to deliver consistent, on brand social media that was designed to improve engagement, establish the Centre as a thought leader, and drive leads across Facebook and LinkedIn in the process.

We would deliver a monthly content calendar designed around the following content pillars:

  • Our Impact

  • Our Programs

  • Our Events

  • Our Experts

  • Our News

  • Special Occasions

Posts will be published three times per week on each social media channel; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter/ X using a mix of the mentioned content pillars for a consistent and engaging social feed.

The Australian Centre for Business Growth followers are most active at different times on each channel, and Sprout Social [the platform used by us to schedule all social media content] will calculate and provide optimal send times. This is based on the audience Engagement with the posted content, when the audience is the most active on each platform and these times are adjusted regularly for each individual platform, maximising the reach of the content.

Email marketing

We worked with the Australian Centre for Business Growth to release a monthly newsletter that highlighted the organisation as thought leaders in the field, while also sharing important news and events happening at the centre.

Website lead capture

We worked with the client to deliver suggestions on how they can increase their conversion rate on the website. This came as a result of a comprehensive website audit, with suggestions on improving the site covering not just forms and lead capture, but the overall user experience and SEO, ensuring that leads reach the lead capture form in the first palace.


We have a proactive, data-driven approach to our PPC and social media campaigns. Through testing, we figure out what is working and what isn’t, then hone in on the successful areas. We don’t deploy an ‘off the hanger’ approach to any client and this is why ultimately we got results for the Australian Centre for Business Growth.

One of the biggest challenges was with attribution. Their Formstack wasn’t correctly passing through UTM parameters to Google Ads or Google Analytics. This meant that switching to Formstack would mean losing any understanding of the impact their marketing was having on leads. Our Web Developer worked with the web team at the Centre for Business Growth to ensure that tech mishaps regarding the Formstack were kept to a minimum and, if they did occur, were quickly resolved and their impact minimised. This was only possible due to the fact that the client had direct access to our Web Developer and didn’t have to pass through an Account Manager to get their request across.

Another challenge is that engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn is tied to events and activity at the Centre for Business Growth, in quiet months this results in lower engagement on socials. With this in mind, we developed a bank of evergreen content designed to get engagement in periods of low activity at the Centre. This ensured that the socials continued to perform regardless of how many events were happening at the Centre.

Working with Refuel makes our team's life a lot easier because we're getting much better quality leads coming into the centre.

– Richard Littleton (Business Development Manager at AUCBG)

The impact


The results

Number of leads

We dramatically increased the number of leads coming into the Australian Centre for Business Growth using a data-driven approach to PPC, combined with web support and a consistent social media content plan.

In 2023, we delivered 248 leads with a spend of $28.6k. This came out to a cost of $115.47 per lead and averaged at 41 leads per month. For comparison, this was an increase of 64% in leads per month from the same time last year and a -12% reduction in cost per lead.

Regarding social media, we increased their net Facebook followers by 152% and their LinkedIn followers by 31%. Overall, we increased their total audience by 259.6% and grew their total net audience by 47.4%.




May 2023 title

Stats for May 2023 showing 54 leads for $4,649.95 coming to $86.11 per lead. Down 60% compared to prior May

Social media

Regarding social media, we increased their net Facebook followers by 152% and their LinkedIn followers by 31%. Overall, we increased their total audience by 259.6% and grew their total net audience by 47.4%.

Social media stats. Facebook compared to previous year had a net follower growth of +151.2% and Net page likes of +70%. Linkedin had a net follower growth of +31.7%Total audience across all social channels increased by +259.6% and Totla net audience growth (all channels) +47.4


In conclusion

We worked with the Australian Centre for Business Growth to unlock their potential and meet their goals by using a comprehensive digital marketing plan. 

Sam Hutchinson

Sam’s the resident writer and office DJ at Refuel. With a background in academia, journalism, and marketing, Sam can find the words our clients need to attract, engage, and convert those tricky leads.

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