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Carers and Disability Link: an end-to-end digital transformation

• 31 January 2024

Services used:

  • Website development
  • Digital advertising

Completion date:

August 2022


South Australia, Australia

Carers and Disability Link: an end-to-end digital transformation

Who is Carers and Disability Link?

Carers and Disability Link (CADL) is a not for profit based in regional South Australia. The organisation offers support to carers, those living with disability, and people over 65 across the region.

Refuel Creative was founded with a passion for the not for profit sector. From the beginning, we’ve helped NFPs across Australia to modernise their marketing, grow their organisation, and continue their essential services. 

We worked with Carers and Disability Link to build a consistent online and digital presence. This involved building a modern website, an engaging social media strategy alongside a consistent brand, and a reliable email marketing plan.

What was their problem?

CADL approached Refuel to help build the organisation a new website. Through the process, CADL realised that they needed a holistic approach to truly build the professional online presence they needed. 

Their website was busy and outdated, with a clunky user experience, confusing menu structure and links that led to nowhere. As a result, the organisation's online presence didn't reflect the professional nature of the organisation, nor did it cater for clients and prospective clients who were becoming increasingly more dependent on digital offerings. 

In addition to their website, we worked with CADL to deliver a social media marketing strategy that built awareness and understanding of their brand as well as attract its target audience. While they had an existing presence on social media, irregular posting and inconsistent branding made their brand look haphazard and unprofessional.

CADL also identified that email marketing was an area of importance and improvement. They wanted professional, engaging emails to be sent out to their contacts on a regular basis but lacked the capacity to do so. 

Their needs

A brand refresh to ensure logo and colours are accessible, and logo variations are readable in small and large formats.

A new website to be designed and developed, including SEO optimisation and focus on accessibility.

New visual content with onsite photo/video shoots.

A social media strategy that is visually on brand, and contains key messages and content pillars.

Improve communications with clients, volunteers, and stakeholders.

What we did

Web development

Carers and Disability Link approached the Refuel Pit Crew to build a website that was modern, attractive, and accessible for all. 

With this in mind, our graphic designer worked on an updated design for their logo and website. This design was centred around combining modern design with accessibility, opening up the website for as wide a range of people as possible. 

In addition, our copywriter worked on SEO-focused copy to increase their visibility in search engines and ensure as many people as possible saw the CADL website. This also required a rewrite of existing copy to ensure that the information was as clear and easy to understand as possible. 

Further, additional pages and navigation options were added to highlight key services and make it easier than ever before for visitors to actually show their interest in these services. 

Social media

We developed a consistent social media strategy. Focussed across three seperate social media accounts, we planned content for the month ahead. After gaining approval from the CEO, Kate Preiss, we then developed graphics and copy for the month. Then, we scheduled the content into Sprout Social. 

Email marketing

We developed easy to use, easy to read, drag and drop email templates in HubSpot and developed content based on the client needs. 

Each month, we delivered regular newsletters to the CADL contact base. Based on information from the client, we delivered regular newsletters using HubSpot. 

This allowed the client to consistently message their audience and keep their contact list up to date with all the latest changes in their business. 


The central challenge for the CADL website project was based around communication. 

As the CADL team works in a regulated space, across several different departments, this required multiple layers of approvals and this sometimes led to complications. 

As a result, we worked with the client to develop a communication system that worked for them. Not only did this make it easier for our team to work with the client, but it also meant that CADL actually started seeing the benefits of their marketing. 

With regular meetings and direct communication between Refuel and CADL, we were able to remove any potential friction before it could negatively impact our ability to work together.

Refuel has been managing our socials now for 18 months or so. They have helped us to engage with our communities and showcase our services in a structured and professional manner. Our followers have grown, and our online presence has become stronger as a result of their work. Their team of staff are intuitive, knowledgeable, experienced and easy to work with.

– Kate Preiss, CEO

The impact

CADL new hompage

The results

Social media


Overall Results

Month 1
Month 3
Month 9
Impressions +46.5% MoM
+13.7% MoM
-0.8% MoM
Engagements +233.5% MoM
+35.2% MoM
+49.2% MoM
Engagement Rate +127.7% MoM
+19% MoM
+50.4% MoM

CADL Facebook

Month 1
Month 3
Month 9
Impressions +462.3% MoM
+17.2% MoM
+17.6% MoM
Engagements +2600% MoM
+22.6% MoM
+140.8% MoM
Engagement Rate +380.1% MoM
+4.6% MoM
+104.7% MoM

CADL Op Shop Facebook

Month 1
Month 3
Month 9
Impressions +12% MoM
+5.2% MoM
+4.7% MoM
Engagements +44.4% MoM
+45.6% MoM
+42.5% MoM
Engagement Rate +202.6% MoM
+38.4% MoM
+36.2% MoM

Email marketing

In terms of email marketing, with our monthly newsletters, we achieved an overall engagement of:

  • 36.93% Open rate

  • 14.63% click-through rate

The best performing email, the January 2023 Newsletter, achieved an open rate of 39% and a click-through rate of 24.02%. This email included a survey directed to understand what services and modes of delivery worked best for carers in regional areas, it also included a highlight of each of their social media platforms and a call to action to volunteer at their Op Shop and information about their Carer Support groups

In conclusion

We will continue working with CADL to offer them the marketing services they need to support their ambitious plans in 2023 and beyond. 

Sam Hutchinson

Sam’s the resident writer and office DJ at Refuel. With a background in academia, journalism, and marketing, Sam can find the words our clients need to attract, engage, and convert those tricky leads.

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