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A Basic Overview Of Google Data Studio

Posted by Jasmine Kurda on Jan 13, 2020. Reading time is 7 min 0 Comment

If you're anything like me, when I hear the word "data", I immediately feel dread in anticipation of the time it will take to pull out meaningful metrics. Data usually comes in the form of numbers, charts, tables and an overload of analytics. When you work in marketing, you need fast access to data to strategise and make the right decisions for your campaigns and inform clients of their ROI.

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A Lesson In Google Ad Extensions

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 12, 2019. Reading time is 9 min 0 Comment

Google Ad Extensions are a pretty simple concept and are often misunderstood as being unnecessary. However, when it comes to Google ads, even the smallest additions can make all the difference. Think about it, when is an “extension” ever a bad thing?

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How to use Google for local businesses to find more clients

Posted by Ryan Jones on Sep 18, 2019. Reading time is 8 min 0 Comment

When is the last time you didn’t use Google Maps to get to a new location? We’re all guilty of typing in a business name or something precarious like “nearest coffee shop,” and using Google Maps to get us there.

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