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Simple Not-for-profit Google Ads with Google Ads Express

Posted by Connor Jacobssen on Apr 22, 2020. Reading time is 3 min 0 Comment

As a not-for-profit organisation, you understand the pain of competing with other big players in your market. Battling against bigger budgets and organisations is hard. Google AdWords Express can make this easier. Given $10,000 per month through Google’s grant program, it is possible to battle these bigger budgets.

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Top 10 PPC tips for advertisers in Australia & New Zealand

Posted by Ryan Jones on Feb 22, 2020. Reading time is 10 min 0 Comment

Did you miss our recent webinar with WordStream? It was chock full of our top 10 PPC tips for those running Google, Bing and Facebook ads in Australia and New Zealand.

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What is retargeting & how does it work?

Posted by Andrea Pelizzari on Jan 14, 2020. Reading time is 11 min 0 Comment

What if I told you that when someone visits your website once, you can keep sending them ads until they purchase something from your business, or convert into a lead?

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The Google Ads Grant For Nonprofits

Posted by Alessia Marrapodi on Jan 11, 2020. Reading time is 6 min 0 Comment

Google Ads are generally something we see popping up when we're browsing the internet. But, we don't often stop to think about how they get there. In fact, most people probably don't realise that they're ads!

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