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Solving the paper pain of your finances

Posted by Melissa Banks on Sep 25, 2020. Reading time is 5 min 0 Comment

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing major disruption to our lives, for many, our working lives also took a hit. Those of us fortunate enough to go about our daily business, it meant flexible working policies became the new way of life, at least for the foreseeable future. With this came new challenges and priorities.

Pandemic aside, the team at Refuel is always looking for ways to go paperless and support remote working. We believe it’s important to find ways to spend less time chasing financial documents and more time running our business.

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Streamlining the Onboarding of New Staff

Posted by Melissa Banks on Sep 07, 2020. Reading time is 6 min 0 Comment

Starting a new job can be daunting. Add in a global pandemic, and you could find yourself inducting a new staff member right from your very own home!

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More about Melissa

Posted by Melissa Banks on Sep 25, 2019. Reading time is 3 min 0 Comment

She is our guru of all things administration. Melissa does all the behind-the-scenes work to keep things running smoothly here at Refuel. She is also Ryan's right-hand woman so she is often sending out emails on behalf of Ryan. Learn all about Melissa here.

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