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Meet our Project Manager, Jasmine Kurda

Posted by Jasmine Kurda on Dec 27, 2019. Reading time is 4 min 0 Comment

It's time to meet Jasmine, our new Project Manager at Refuel Creative. Jasmine has been part of the team for the last two months working to streamline our service delivery and operations.

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Understanding virtual phone systems with Aircall

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 26, 2019. Reading time is 8 min 0 Comment

Having a business phone used to mean getting an IT professional to come out and install an expensive PBX system with a bunch of confusing buttons. There’s a huge capital expense to set it all up, upwards of $10,000 in most cases.

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Marketing technologies that revolutionised the last decade

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 21, 2019. Reading time is 19 min 0 Comment

Ten years ago, the world was a different place. We were all watching prime time TV daily. Some of us were playing Angry Birds on our first-generation iPads and downloading Limewire music to our MP3 players.

The world has since gotten much more complicated. With the release of new devices, technologies, networks and products every year, it's hard to keep up!

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4 tips for landing that marketing agency job

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 18, 2019. Reading time is 10 min 1 Comments

Our team grew substantially in 2019, and a byproduct of that is reading many job applications. I've seen some great applications. I've seen some awful applications too, great people who put together poor applications or don't meet the job ad's criteria.

When there are so few digital marketing agency jobs available in Adelaide, how do you stand out in the crowd?

I wanted to provide some tips for landing your dream marketing agency job, stand out from the crowd, and be an employers dream. We want to help our candidates succeed!

Some of these tips are simple but often get missed. We want to give candidates a path to apply for jobs with us and an approach for those that don't fit our criteria but could do very easily in the future.

There's a good reason for a lot of these tips - they work.

In some cases, before I started Refuel, these are the steps I took, and they landed me the job. They are also what I now look for in candidates as we offer marketing jobs in Adelaide and marketing specialist roles.

We now won't even consider an application that doesn't address the points below. If you submit a resume with no further information, it shows me the level of effort you put into finding a job. We put as much effort into assessing your application. Please show us the same level of respect that you want us to show you.

Here are my top 4 tips for getting that dream digital marketing agency job, and they could be valuable to any position at any employer.

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Building your value statement & organisation culture

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 15, 2019. Reading time is 12 min 0 Comment

When I started this business, I underestimated the value of a lot of formal structures. Things like vision and mission statements and documented processes seemed unnecessary when working from home. My dogs were my colleagues. They didn't care about values as long as they got their food and a scratch behind the ear.

But as you grow, these things that you think only big business need become far more valuable for your business. Things like value statements are easy to overlook when you're small. When you're a one or two-person organisation, it doesn't matter, right? It's one of those things bigger businesses need.

Then one day, you find yourself with a team of 8 from varying backgrounds and experience levels, and it's suddenly much more relevant. And urgent.

We overlook it because we think values don't matter as much as the ability to do the job. We believe in a small team we're all on the same page because we communicate so much. Or at least I did. I assumed this was the case for the longest time.

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Join The Refuel Team As Our New Video & Media Producer

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 15, 2019. Reading time is 5 min 0 Comment

We are on the lookout for the next member of our ever-growing team. If you are a videographer looking to get a foothold in the agency world, we want to speak to you.

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A lesson in Google Ad Extensions

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 12, 2019. Reading time is 9 min 0 Comment

Google Ad Extensions are a pretty simple concept and are often misunderstood as being unnecessary. However, when it comes to Google ads, even the smallest additions can make all the difference. Think about it, when is an “extension” ever a bad thing?

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Join The Refuel Team As Our New SEO & PPC Consultant

Posted by Ryan Jones on Dec 05, 2019. Reading time is 4 min 0 Comment

We are on the lookout for the next member of our growing team. We need an experienced PPC Ads Strategist looking for the next step in their career. If that sounds up your alley - keep reading!

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