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Your guide to stock photos and copyright

Posted by Liina Puusepp on Mar 29, 2021. Reading time is 4 min 0 Comment

Stock photos are an excellent way to liven up your marketing material on a budget. However, it is easy to get caught in messy copyright allegations. This guide will walk you through how to identify and credit an author when making the most of this service. 

Rights managed

This license system allows stock photo agencies to negotiate specific rates for the use of stock content. A licenser pays a “royalty” every time an image is used, based on how long, how large and how frequently a stock image is used. This is most commonly used for images used in a specific location for a specific time period - for example, billboards.

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A short guide to stock photos and where to find them

Posted by Liina Puusepp on Mar 24, 2021. Reading time is 8 min 0 Comment

Did you know that 90% of the information transmitted to your brain is visual? This means that even if your copywriting skills are extraordinary, your choice of visual content can make or break your content's engagement and performance.

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Why You Should Give A Damn About D.A.M. (Digital Asset Management)

Posted by Andrea Pelizzari on Nov 28, 2019. Reading time is 5 min 0 Comment

Digital Asset Management is the practice of housing all of your digital files in one place, so that the latest versions can be easily found and used when they are needed. It sounds simple (and maybe a bit boring), but if you run your own business, you’ll want to know more.

Every business owner has the intention of keeping their digital assets organised for easy accessibility. The reality is that business people end up with desktops, folder and drives full of documents and files that fit into 3 categories; useless, sort of half-done, and 110% complete and approved.

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