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Gain industry experience while you study

Posted by Andrea Pelizzari on Apr 26, 2019. Reading time is 5 min 0 Comment

If I had a dollar for every time a company rejected my job application for "a lack of experience", I wouldn’t need a job!

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Get the edge with free digital marketing certification

Posted by Ryan Jones on Feb 24, 2019. Reading time is 18 min 0 Comment

How do you get training on industry-specific platforms and technologies when you haven't broken into the industry yet? Or you're a small business owner looking to learn how to market your own business?

There are some great free digital marketing courses you can take online. These offer certifications that are recognised in the industry and help you show your skills. These online marketing courses are delivered via online learning with video tutorials, so you can study when it suits you.

In some cases, these certifications are prerequisites for digital marketing roles. If you take these courses and earn these certifications, your resume will stand out from other candidates.

The certifications show that you are prepared to invest in your own learning, taking the initiative to improve your skills. This is important when you're graduating from your marketing degree. It would help if you had something on your resume to separate you from all the other graduates. If you're serious about becoming a marketer, taking accredited courses helps a prospective employer see that.

While certifications alone aren't a replacement for experience, they can help you secure marketing jobs.

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You'll also get an excellent grounding in the fundamentals of digital marketing and online advertising, even if you don’t use the tools.

These free online digital marketing courses aren't just for students and job seekers either. Small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing managers can benefit from the background knowledge.

Let's look at the free certifications we look for in Refuel Creative recruits.

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