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NetSquared Adelaide is back, and coming to the Northern Territory!

29 January 2021

Introducing NetSquared Adelaide & Darwin Not-for-profit Events

NetSquared events have always been a great resource for not-for-profits, social enterprises, and others interested in doing good in the for-purpose sector. But in the last couple of years, locally, these events 

As part of our commitment to our friends in the not-for-profit sector, Refuel Creative are helping to bring these events back.

Thanks to the global pandemic, TechSoup has transitioned NetSquared to online events, run over an online platform to anyone in the world. We’ve taken advantage of this so we can bring these events not just back to Adelaide, but to the Northern Territory for the first time.

What is NetSquared?

NetSquared, a project of TechSoup, a network of ‘tech for good’ meetups designed to connect not-for-profit organisations with the technology sector for social good.

TechSoup, if you haven’t heard of them before, is a network of not-for-profits that work to build the capacity of the not-for-profit sector. This includes providing technology donations, discounts and other resources. In Australia, their local partner is Connecting Up, in New Zealand they are TechSoup New Zealand, and in South East Asia they are TechSoup Asia.

NetSquared’s tag line is ‘the tech for good network’. They aim to help not-for-profits network with startups, for profits, and other people interested in using their tech skills for social good.

You can follow NetSquared Adelaide and NetSquared Northern Territory on Facebook to keep up to date.


Your 2021 NetSquared Adelaide organisers

NetSquared is coming back to Adelaide in 2021 with your new organisers, Kat Milner and our own Ryan Jones.


About Kat Milner

Kat MilnerKat Milner is the Owner of Create Your Change. After operating 2 successful Solopreneur businesses in the USA, she moved to Australia in 2014 and changed her focus to one of her passions, social media marketing.

Kat's superpower is "making the complex simple" and her true work passion is helping others become so clear in their message and conveying that to others, that they become as successful as they want to be, and able to focus on the work they want to do.

Kat's other "passion project" is digital mentoring, supporting Australians aged 50+ to become more comfortable and confident online. She has received several grants from the Australian government to support her project, "Untangling the Web".

In her spare time, Kat adores going on motorcycle road trips with her husband, Paul, and taking her dog, Oliver, for long walks on the beach.


About Ryan Jones

Ryan JonesAside from being the Founder & CEO of Refuel Creative, Ryan has worked with and for not-for-profits across the Asia-Pacific region. He has a passion for helping not-for-profits embrace digital technologies to reach more participants and donors, and improve their operations.


The 2021 NetSquared Adelaide & Northern Territory program

In 2021, the NetSquared Adelaide and Northern Territory program is designed to help not-for-profits with a range of pressing issues. From budgeting, to mindset, workspace design, social media strategy, and more, the program has something for everyone.


Feb 10 - 11am - “On a Positive Note” with Jonas Cain

Humans are biologically wired with a negativity bias, where even just a single negative event can wipe out an entire day’s worth of positive experiences. The challenge is that we have an ancient brain experiencing a modern world. This trait has far-reaching effects on our performance and overall results at work in our relationships and for our health.

Join human performance consultant Jonas Cain for an interactive workshop to explore The Three Pillars of Positivity. Learn accessible and actionable practices for facilitating positive change for individual, team, and organisation growth!

Topics include:

  • Strategies for overcoming the negativity bias
  • The relationship between your inner and outer purpose
  • 7 change management questions
  • Four directions of influence
  • 3 relationship questions to answer affirmatively

RSVP for "On a Positive Note" with Jonas Cain »

About Jonas

Jonas Cain is a Human Performance Consultant, Positivity Coach, Learning Experience Designer, and Facilitator of Fascination. Through his company, Hashtag Positivity, he helps emerging leaders and their influencers initiate and manage positive change for individual, team, and organisational growth.

Jonas is the author of ten books, host of the On a Positive Note podcast, and produces a FREE weekly coaching series to enhance your clarity, confidence, courage, and joy.

He studied social ethics at Salem State University, Learning Design & Technology at Purdue University, and is a certified DISC Consultant through the John Maxwell Team.

Jonas lives in Massachusetts where he enjoys climbing mountains, playing the ukulele, and spending time with his cat, Pumpkin.


March 10 - 10:30am - Decision making with Chris Fern

More information TBA

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April 14 - 11am - Microstorytelling & Instagram with Neha Awasthi

Join Neha Awasthi as she takes you through winning Instagram strategies, and the art of microstorytelling so popular with social media channels like TikTok today.

RSVP for Microstorytelling & Instagram with Neha Awasthi »

May 12 - 4pm - Social strategy with Rubina Carlson

Is social media a complete waste of time? Not if you have the right strategy in place! A strong social media strategy will outline your key stakeholder groups, the platforms where they’re likely to be lurking or engaging and content that will appeal to them. This will ensure your success with social media.

Join social media specialist Rubina Carlson as she provides you the building blocks to develop a social media strategy. This will include the utility of content calendars; and shares how to schedule your social media content.

RSVP for Social strategy with Rubina Carlson »

About Rubina

Rubina Carlson is the Digital Marketing Manager at Refuel Creative, with experience in both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. She is a digital marketing zealot, with a genuine passion for all things marketing and technology. She is a social media specialist, and an accomplished speaker. She has developed and delivered courses dedicated to social media at TAFE SA and the University of South Australia as well as spoken at a number of conferences.


June 9 - 11am - Get ready for tax time with Kat Milner and Ryan Jones

Get ready for June 30 by looking at your marketing and technology budgets. We’ll help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your not-for-profit donations and discounts programs.

In this session we’ll look at:

  • Marketing budget - What you need to budget, and areas you can potentially save
  • Tech budget - What is normal in a NFP, and how to keep your costs down
  • Tech donations - What is available, and what you should be using

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July 14 - 4pm - Workplace spaces with Tonja Wright

The office and work environment are going to be very different post-COVID. Tonja Wright will take us through the workplace space, and how to design and align these for best benefit.

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Aug 11 - 11am - Entrepreneurship with Wendy Perry

Experienced entrepreneur Wendy Perry will take us through her entrepreneurial journey and provide fresh insight.

RSVP for Entrepreneurship with Wendy Perry »

About Wendy

Wendy Perry who is the Managing Director of Workforce BluePrint and Entrepreneur Facilitator for Adelaide – West, Switch Start Scale. An author, entrepreneur and educator, explorer and innovator, mentor and speaker on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Workforce Planning and Development, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and TVET, International Capability and Capacity Development.


Sept 8 - 4pm - Technology platforms and alphabet soup with Ryan Jones

API? CPC? CTR? Confused? Not sure what technology platforms your organisation needs?

In this interactive session, Ryan will take you through the technology platforms your organisation is, or should be, using. He’ll address the acronyms and any questions you’ve been too afraid to ask so you are better equipped!

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About Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones is the founder of Refuel Creative, with over twenty years’ experience in technology, web design, and marketing. Ryan is a skilled marketer, technology consultant and Google Ads specialist. Ryan is a Certified Professional Marketer.

He's been a speaker at conferences across Australia and South East Asia on marketing, websites and Google Ads. Before founding Refuel Creative, Ryan worked in and with not-for-profits and is passionate about the not-for-profit sector.


Oct 13 - 11am - Preparing for GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday is the antidote for the shopping spectacle that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organisations to transform their communities and the world. It is recognised on the Tuesday after Cyber Monday and has become a critically important day for not-for-profits in their donation strategies.

In this session we will look at what your organisation should do to prepare for GivingTuesday, and how you can get the most out of the day.

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Nov 10 - 4pm - Pivoting during COVID with Ben Teoh

More information TBA

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About Ben Teoh

Ben Teoh is the Lifelong Learning Coordinator at City of Marion Libraries. For years, Ben Teoh has been working to support individuals, organisations and communities in the use of online communication. In his current role with the City of Marion Libraries, Ben leads his team to deliver community learning programs and customer service. In addition to this, he also delivers programs in STEM, digital literacy and digital inclusion.


Dec 8 - 11am - Get ready for 2022 with Kat and Ryan

To wrap up the year, Kat and Ryan will take you through the steps for you to prepare your digital marketing for 2022. The quieter December/early January time is a great time to do all those jobs you’ve been putting off for too long!

We’ll look at reviewing your social platforms and marketing, re-evaluating your strategy and setting new goals for 2022.

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Ryan Jones

Ryan is the Founder & CEO of Refuel Creative. He's a HubSpot certified marketer and SEO expert.