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Adam is Refuel's Graduate Designer

Blog Post by Adam Schwarz

Adam Schwarz Aug 2, 2021 2:15:02 PM 5 min read

API’s: The unsung heroes of the Internet

HTML, CSS, and Javascript are often considered the backbones of the internet. HTML for the content of the page, CSS to make it look good, Javascript to make it interactive. But what about connections and data sharing?
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Adam Schwarz Feb 5, 2021 9:37:52 AM 11 min read

Thinking about moving to a co-working space?

With so many people having flexible working arrangements and especially working from home recently, and have recently gone through the co-working experience myself, I figured it might be helpful to shine some light on the remote working option that ...
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Adam Schwarz Oct 9, 2020 3:13:19 PM 11 min read

Cross browser and cross platform testing for your website

These days there are a multitude of different ways for someone to access your website. Are they using a desktop? If so, what screen resolution do they have? Is it Windows, Mac or something else? What browser are they using?
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Adam Schwarz Sep 3, 2020 4:36:24 PM 14 min read

What is a backlink and how do I get more?

Whether or not you’re already familiar with the concept of a backlink, they’re one of the most important contributors to your website ranking so it’s always worth keeping them in mind. We’re going to go over what they are, what they’re used for and ...
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Adam Schwarz Aug 28, 2020 1:27:02 PM 18 min read

Tips and Tricks for Website Design Success!

If you're reading this it's likely that you're still pretty new to web development and design. If so, then perfect! You’re in the right place, and I hope you pick up some useful tips here. If you've been at this for a while, stick around anyway. It ...
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Adam Schwarz Aug 26, 2020 5:04:19 PM 15 min read

Submitting your website to search engines to improve SEO

Not sure why you'd submit your website to search engines? Who does it or how? These are all good questions and questions we’re going to be answering right here. These simple steps can provide a significant improvement in your search engine ...
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Adam Schwarz Oct 14, 2019 4:44:20 PM 13 min read

How to write a blog post for beginners

How on earth do I go about writing a blog? A few days ago, Ryan asked us to start writing blogs, so we could share our areas of expertise and the community could get to know the people behind the work. So, I sat down at my computer, put some music ...
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Adam Schwarz Jul 11, 2019 3:05:50 PM 8 min read

Why is an internship a good idea?

Hi! I’m Adam, the latest team member at Refuel! I've recently joined the Refuel team as Junior Designer after completing a Bachelor of Information Technology (Digital Media) at Flinders University. I knew that this journey would be challenging and ...
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