What sizes do I need for Google Display ads?

To maximise the reach of your display ads, you should choose a mix of ad sizes for which there is sufficient inventory available.

There are over 30 display ad formats on the Google Network, some of them available only to specific regions.

Creating all the available sizes for your ads can be time-consuming, which is why we recommend focusing on the most effective sizes with the most inventory:

  • MRec/Inline Rectangle (300x250px): this is generally the top-performing ad size on the network. It is typically used in the middle of pages to break up text or on a sidebar.
  • Half Page/Large Skyscraper (300x600px): large size which makes it easy to get users' attention, typically used in sidebars.
  • Billboard images (970x250px): large display typically used on top of pages. It's the digital equivalent of the giant sign you see on the freeway.
  • Leaderboard (728x90px): typically used on top of pages.
  • Mobile Leaderboard (320x50px): a mobile-friendly version of the leaderboard ad.

In addition, Google only supports GIF, JPG or PNG file types, and each image ad must be under 150kB (smaller is better).

You can find the full Google Ads Display specs here.