How often is my website updated?

Security updates are critical to keeping your website free of bugs.

We update our WordPress websites every business day. Yes, that's how often updates come out for your website!

What are we updating?

Every part of your website needs updates from time to time. Specifically we are updating:

  • WordPress - The core of WordPress, the basic software that runs your website.
  • Plugins - Each individual plugin or module used to make your website function.
  • Themes - Your site look and feel is powered by a theme, which needs updates.

Why are we updating?

Updates get released most critically to fix security holes and issues, which is why they need to be performed so regularly.

But they also fix non-critical bugs, those annoying things that come up from time to time. Updates can also add great new functionality or speed improvements.

Why can't I do this myself?

Well, you can!

In our experience though, if you need to do it yourself, you don't do it. Which is why having our team do it for you is such a weight off your shoulders.

We also have a unique process of updating, which includes:

  • Taking a backup beforehand, in case something goes wrong like a compatibility issue.
  • Updating the plugins.
  • Monitoring the website to ensure it stays online.
  • Taking a visual snapshot before and after.

This allows us to do everything in our power to ensure your website is updated in a secure, efficient way.