Who We Are

Our sophisticated team of experts and nerds offers a brilliant blend of business and marketing insight, powered alongside technological know-how and specific support.


We provide end-to-end solutions for businesses and not-for-profit organisations to maximise their online presence. If you’re not standing out or fitting in, we can help.

Ryan Jones - Founder & CEO

Ryan Jones

Founder & CEO

Ryan Jones is the founder (and resident genius) of Refuel Creative, with over twenty years’ experience in technology, web design, and marketing. Ryan is a skilled marketer, technology consultant and Google Ads specialist.

Ryan is a Certified Professional Marketer. He's been a speaker at conferences across Australia and South East Asia on marketing, websites and Google Ads.

Our boss man is involved in all aspects of the company. Along with his passion for technology comes his close-knit, creative, energetic team who achieve results time and time again.

Rubina Carlson

Digital Marketing Manager

Rubina puts the 'social' in social media! She loves coffee or a wine, so she's always happy to catch up with clients to discuss their challenges and brainstorm solutions. Fun fact, she wears a fascinator every day (not just race days). So if you're at an event, and you see a fascinator in the crowd, $10 says it's Rubina under that fancy headwear.

She is a digital marketing zealot, with a genuine passion for all things marketing and technology. She brings over ten years of digital marketing experience to the team, working across a variety of industries including tourism and higher education.

She is a social media specialist, and an accomplished speaker. She has developed and delivered courses dedicated to social media at TAFE SA and the University of South Australia as well as spoken at a number of conferences on the subject.

Rubina Carlson - Digital Marketing Manager
Andrea Pelizzari - Inbound Marketing Specialist

Andrea Pelizzari

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Andrea joined Refuel with a wealth of knowledge in the not-for-profit marketing sector. She is skilled at implementing inbound marketing techniques to maximise the ROI for clients. Throughout her career, she has undertaken marketing campaigns for many small and large businesses across a variety of industries.

With client success at the forefront of her work, Andrea is an expert at developing and implementing digital strategies. She is always designing websites and lead pages that make her clients shine.

She has a passion for sport and uses her competitive spirit to get the best results for our clients. You’ll often find her swooning over her pet Italian Greyhound Larry or giving everyone in the office a lecture about tea varieties.

Liina Puusepp

Marketing and Design Strategist

Liina is passionate about breaking the traditions in our industry and blurring the lines between creativity and marketing. Having a professional background in Advertising and Graphic Design, she has a wealth of knowledge from international creative agencies.

Having moved to Australia from her native Estonia, Liina has worked on branding and advertising campaigns with some of the biggest brands in Europe. Liina has travelled to over 36 countries and has experienced a wealth of culture.

When she eventually started working on the client-facing side of marketing, she truly fell in love with the industry. Liina has driven several digital and social media campaigns for a variety of businesses in various industries.

Over the years she has combined her skills and experience and truly mastered her passion. She is the 2-for-1 kind of package you need for all sorts of marketing projects.

Liina Puusepp - Marketing and Design Assistant
Adam Schwarz - Graduate Designer

Adam Schwarz

Graduate Designer

Adam is fresh out of University with a degree in IT and Digital Media. This makes him a Jack-of-all-Trades for things like graphic design, web design, web development and animation.

Adam is a self-professed geek through and through. He spends his spare time creating entire worlds for Dungeons and Dragons and brings that same level of creativity and detail to his work for our clients.

Adam completed his internship at Refuel Creative, working on the design and branding for Digital Adelaide, before joining the team full time.

Anna Butler

Content Marketer

Anna is our wrangler of words - herding them up and making them jump through hoops to achieve SEO objectives, engagement and conversions. A self-confessed word nerd, she has more than a decade of experience writing copy for clients across government, private enterprise, education, not-for-profit, editorial, hospitality and retail, both here and abroad.

Anna first discovered copywriting in Western Australia, where she got her start editing and proofing copy with a leading design agency. She later moved on to writing copy and project management for a Perth-based branding agency, before adventure took her overseas.

In 2014, Anna was included in an industry list of Australia’s Top 20 Copywriters. She is a published poet, has developed and presented training workshops around copywriting, and been a public speaker in a number of capacities.

Besides asking more questions than an insatiably curious 4-year-old, Anna has a penchant for psychology, personality profiling, logic puzzles, debating and, oddly, macro-economics.

Anna Butler - Copywriter
Yianni Venardis - Videographer

Yianni Venardis


Yianni discovered his passion for automotive videography when he began creating short feature videos for friends. It started with attending as many events as possible, shooting motorsport, meets and other automotive-related content to better his skills behind the camera. Now he’s branching out into the commercial world.

What started as a hobby is transitioning into an exciting and rewarding journey as a videographer at Refuel Creative. Yianni is a capable camera operator and editor who is thrilled to create fresh new content and nerd out with the Refuel Creative Team.

Melissa Banks

Administration Assistant

Melissa is the saviour we all needed to keep our work lives in check! Her provision of baked goods and the ability to keep us all in check has afforded her the unofficial title of “Office Mum.”

However, her real title is Admin Assistant (and an awesome one at that). Being thrust into the world of Marketing jargon and advanced tech is not easy, but Melissa dove in headfirst. She makes sure that all the information that our clients send, call in and email to us is communicated to the right team members.

Her extensive background knowledge in Government positions means she is extremely well regimented and just generally great at her job. Melissa has definitely made her mark at Refuel and works hard to implement policies and procedures that make our team more efficient.

Melissa Banks - Administration Assistant