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Video Marketing Services

Video is the single most effective way to create an emotional connection with your customers. It is one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal when building and maintaining your brand.

We believe in the power of video, offering video marketing services and digital video production since day one.

When we founded Refuel Creative, we set out to offer creative production services to all. Our approach combined video marketing smarts and content strategy skills combined with competitive videographer rates. Our video passion has evolved into an in-house video production agency producing world-class content for a range of clients.

We understand how important it is to connect a great story, a creative approach and targeted messaging. This ensures your video cuts through the noise and brings authenticity and impact.

Our team are passionate film nerds with decades of expertise in lens to screen video production. Experienced corporate videographer Brecon James oversees our professional video production services. Brecon’s experience in Adelaide Television and corporate video production services are on display on every digital media production. He loves providing the video strategy your organisation needs.

We are here to make your video journey easy, fun and rewarding! Whether you come to us with an idea, or you’re looking for video marketing tips, we can help.

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Website Videos

A website without video is like salad without dressing

There are many different ways video can enhance your website, streamline your sales and after-sales support processes. Our approach to video is a little different from most other video production houses. We take a video content marketing approach to website videos. Our holistic, data-driven approach to content creation and online video marketing production keeps search engine optimisation in front of mind.

On the web, customer engagement and immediate access to information is everything. That’s why our experienced marketers oversee our video production, branding and website development. This oversight ensures each product complements the other and will resonate with your customers. This approach will improve your search rankings, keep visitors on your website for longer and increase your conversions.

Refuel Creative can offer you competitive media video production that will not just look great, but land you the right clients.

Website Video Production

YouTube & Facebook Campaigns

We all know ads on YouTube suck. But they don't have to.

Have you ever waited for a movie trailer to play? Your finger is hovering impatiently over the skip button. Suddenly you catch yourself watching the ad through to the end. Those are the YouTube ads we make.

YouTube and Facebook advertising has changed the advertising landscape forever. Your ad is no longer one in a queue, being broadcast aimlessly to thousands of viewers. Most of these viewers don’t care about your product, they just want their extended commercial break to end. Instead, your ad is the only thing a viewer will see before their favourite video plays. You can now grab the exact target audience you want to watch your ads.

We take the headache out of promotional video production, content creation and targeting. We develop a targeted, engaging video marketing campaign with fun, eye-catching commercials.

We can build your YouTube channel, designing a great page which is optimised for video search. We can even upload your video and build your landing pages, designed to drive traffic to your website.

YouTube & Facebook Campaigns

Social Media Video Campaigns

Is your company feeling unliked and unloved? Lots of posts but no comments? We can help you with that.

If you're looking to boost your presence on social media, one of the best ways is regularly posting quality video. Social platforms reward engaging video posts by preferentially displaying them in user's feeds.

We strategise creative, affordable marketing video production solutions that suit your brand. We capitalise on today’s attention spans, creating brand videos with a clear call to action. Our creative video solutions can be scheduled weeks or months in advance, helping you keep your social media videos planned.

Social Media Video Campaigns


Need a video with charts and pointing to things? We do charts and pointing to things better than anybody else in this business.

Sometimes you need business video production for specific reasons. Maybe you need to sell a pitch. It could be a memorandum to be well received by employees. Or you want to wow stakeholders at your next conference.

We have been offering commercial video production services for years, making both internal and external facing corporate videos. We understand the unique challenges involved in producing engaging corporate videos. Our videographers appreciate the flexibility required when capturing time-poor staff and executives.

Corporate Video Production

Streaming & Live Production

We’re going live in 5, 4, 3...

Live streaming is rapidly overtaking terrestrial broadcasting and as its popularity rises so is the expectation of audiences that are tuning in.

We have been live streaming since before Facebook Live, and before YouTube Live. Our live streaming team has years of experience in live streaming and production. These skilled video professionals have handled everything from conferences and studio panel shows through to multi-camera outdoor sports coverage.

Whatever you need, you’re in good hands with us.

Live Streaming and Video Live Production

Events & Conferences

Capturing all the powerful moments, while skipping all the moments of trying to find a coffee machine.

Conferences and events are some of the most exciting dates in any company’s calendar/ Your video production should reflect that. Our coverage combines fly-on-the-wall documentary techniques with fun but informative Delegate and Keynote interviews.

We create event trailers and social videos that capture and amplify the raw energy of your event. We highlight your conference’s key themes as well as any emerging challenges and opportunities in your industry. Our event videos are designed to be engaging, digestible and highly shareable.

If you need IMAG, keynote coverage or live streaming, we can do that too!

Event and Conference Video

Education & Training

Teaching is a beautiful thing.

What if you only had to teach one thing, one time and people could watch it over and over again? What else could you accomplish?

Training staff and customers is a huge cost for all businesses. Many businesses are turning to video to provide training at scale. We take a systematic approach to training videos as part of our video services. First, we make sure we have a comprehensive understanding of your system, product or service. Then we build an easy to follow, step by step video framework that anyone can follow.

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At Refuel Creative, we are the flexible video production company for any media channel. Have a left-field idea, want to try something different? Book a time with Brecon to discuss your next video project.

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