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Jasmine Kurda Dec 27, 2019 12:02:00 PM 6 min read

Meet our Project Manager, Jasmine Kurda

It's time to meet Jasmine, our new Project Manager at Refuel Creative. Jasmine has been part of the team for the last two months working to streamline our service delivery and operations.

What is your role at Refuel and what does that role entail?

Project Manager - I organise the various projects we are working on, making sure we are on time & on budget.

I am the go-to person for our clients to ensure that the right person is allocated to the right job so that we are working at our most efficient capacity. You could say I'm equal parts coach and cheerleader - helping the teamwork together so we can achieve our goals & motivating everyone to get there! Ask me in a month and I'm sure I'll have a completely different view though!


What have you enjoyed most so far in your time at Refuel?

Getting to know the team and getting stuck into working together to deliver on projects.


What challenges do you think you'll face in your role?

The biggest challenge so far is the steep learning curve - from new software, processes and systems, to learning each client project in depth. I think a big challenge will be to keep a step ahead to ensure things run smoothly but I think this will come with experience.


What do you think people should know before applying for a job like this?

You'd better be organised! Also, I hope you like checklists! Be flexible, adaptable & ready for absolutely anything.

It's also important to have equally rounded skills not just in understanding process & admin but also in team building, understanding each person's role and working with them to achieve success so that the team benefits as a whole.


What qualifications do you have? Are they required for your role?

I have a bachelor degree in Visual Arts/Graphic Design & postgrad in Animation that is completely unrelated to my current role. The soft skills I've picked up from those qualifications, and my career path so far, have prepared me for project management to a point.


What was your career experience before joining Refuel?

As mentioned earlier I'm a visual artist who ended up going down a completely different path. I always loved video games and wanted to make them - and worked at my local EB Games through uni.

My career trajectory completely changed when I was offered a role in their web team at the corporate head office. It was there that I learned about the world of eCommerce, digital design and marketing working on some of the world's biggest brands in electronics and gaming. From there I transitioned into a generalist marketing role, working in both fashion retail and cinema before joining the team here at Refuel.


What has been the best part of your role thus far?

I get great satisfaction from being able to neatly package tasks into a project, and tick them off! I love lists! I love the personal aspect of knowing I'm making a difference with the team in helping them achieve their goals.

It's great to be in a collaborative environment where we are constantly learning from each other, everyone has something to offer that has value and it's really exciting for me to be part of that.


What makes Refuel different from other places you’ve worked (good or bad)?

I think in terms of company culture, Refuel is probably aligned with my personal values the most.

I remember walking in during my final job interview and meeting Ryan in person, and I instantly knew that Refuel would be a place where I can be myself and still grow professionally.

The company is experiencing a huge phase of growth right now, and there is an element of 'winging it' that comes with new uncharted territory. I think this is great because here are where your boundaries are tested and you can really find your fit within the organisation. Not all places have that flexibility as positions tend to be very defined with very little movement across or even within departments.


Do you have any advice for people looking to work in this industry?

I've been to a LOT of interviews, and sometimes the right fit isn't necessarily on paper. If you are passionate about your work, are persistent and patient, I am a strong believer that the right employer will find you.

Rejections aren't necessarily a setback, and every job interview is practice for 'the one'. I think of it a little bit like dating - sometimes the profile fits but there's that 'something' that is missing. Keep looking and you'll find it.


What is something unique you bring to Refuel that no one else does?

Outside of work, I perform sword balancing and belly dancing so they are some pretty unique qualities that might come in handy! It's safe to say I can balance by priorities like a pro.


Jasmine Kurda

Jasmine is Refuel's Project Manager.