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Andrea Pelizzari Oct 16, 2020 3:25:02 PM 8 min read

Meet our words whiz, Anna!

One of the hugely positive things to happen in 2020 is that we gained our wonderful wordsmith, Anna! Anna, or Anna Butler as she's known to her friends, joined our team as our new Content Marketer in May. She's been so busy that it's taken us a few months to pin her down to have a chat about herself. Learn more about the woman with all the words!

What's your role in the Refuel team?

I'm a Content Marketer, part copywriter and part content creator. My job is to create compelling, click-worthy content that boosts online visibility and converts leads to sales.


Please tell our internet friends what a Content Marketer does each day

Asking lots of questions! Might seem strange, but the foundation of all good copy is developing both a deeper understanding of the subject material, and looking for the unique angle. Sometimes the right question can unearth copywriting gold!

On a more literal level, I’m involved in concept development, keyword research, content creation, editing and proofing for both clients and Refuel's own content.


You've been at Refuel for a while now, what's something you're loving about us?

I'm loving the energy of being part of an agency. As well as some of the cool analytics tools that help inform research and implement content strategy.


And what is something that has been a challenge thus far?

The biggest challenge is the learning curve of new systems and protocols. Beyond that it's usually tech gremlins that cause the biggest headaches.


What do you think people should know before applying for a job like this?

Aside from the obvious skills required to do the work, I think communication is always key. Creating a cohesive result when working with multiple people in different roles, who each bring different skills, requires good communication at every stage.

Nobody is a mind-reader - and what might seem obvious to you, is not necessarily obvious to others. So being able to ask intelligent questions, effectively communicate ideas and be open to feedback is critical.


What qualifications do you have? Are they required for your role?

I fell into copywriting due to my general word-nerdishness (not sure this is a real word Anna -Ryan) and exposure to it as a vocation when working in admin for a design and branding studio.

I fleshed out what I learnt on the job with studies in Business Advertising and spent 10 years as a freelance copywriter. During that time, I read LOTS from industry leaders and kept abreast of Google updates, and nurtured professional networks with other copywriters to pick their bright and shiny brains.

There aren't really any specific 'requirements' to be a copywriter, other than a strong grasp of writing, a good imagination, a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to adopt whatever style is required for your target market. But I'm always reading to see what’s happening (or might be happening) in the world of digital content.


What was your career experience before joining Refuel?

I've had a really diverse and interesting background that has included working in sectors across retail, hospitality, finance and mining.

After considering graphic design as a career, I decided to work for a design agency to see if my perception of the role matched reality. And that's how I discovered copywriting.

I spent several years working for design and branding agencies in Perth - starting out in reception and working my way into project management.

Later, after venturing overseas for a while, I decided to try my hand as a freelance copywriter and spent 10 years writing for clients around Australia and even internationally. At one point I was included in a list of Australia's Top 20 Copywriters, which was pretty gratifying 😀 


What has been the best part of your role thus far?

Being part of a bigger organisation. As a freelancer, I was limited to what I alone could offer. I love being part of the larger solution for clients and having such immediate access to industry professionals working toward the same goals.


What makes Refuel different from other places you’ve worked (good or bad)?

The good: I love the team vibe. While there are distinctly different personalities, everyone seems to be on the same page. I also love that there is a distinct lack of micromanaging. No flow charts for how to use the toilet (that, tragically, was a horrendously real thing!). It's been a very long time since I've had a similar team dynamic, and I didn't know if such a thing still existed.

Bad: Starting at the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic in SA came with some interesting challenges. The team was still largely working from home, so there wasn’t the usual opportunity to ask questions off the bat or have someone look over your shoulder to walk you through unfamiliar territory. This made the learning curve a little steeper than it would normally be, but thankfully everyone was incredibly patient (and kind), so we’ve found ways to make it work.


Do you have any advice for people looking to work in this industry?

Love what you do but not so much you take feedback personally. When you write for other people, they have a stake in the outcome. So while it's great to tap into your passion for writing, you have to give equal consideration to the goals and feedback of your client.

On the flip-side, you also have to be comfortable enough to defend your choices if clients try to undermine results because they don't understand the process. It can be a fine line understanding when to push back to preserve your work, and when to take it on the chin and modify your work.

If you can't separate your passion from your personal feelings, you might struggle.


What is something unique you bring to Refuel that no one else does?

I've worked on all sides of the industry - as an admin/project manager, a creative, and a freelancer. And I've had a very diverse work history.

As a result, I have a first-hand appreciation of the different roles involved and how they need to work together for an agency to succeed, as well as first-hand insight into the worlds of many different clients.


Want to work with Anna?

We're always on the hunt for new colleagues at Refuel Creative. If you're keen to explore more, get more information about who we're looking for.