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K-TIG: A comprehensive HubSpot rebuild

21 April 2023

K-TIG A Comprehensive Rebuild

K-TIG is a welding manufacturing company founded in Adelaide, South Australia, specialising in producing an advanced keyhole welding system that increases productivity across various industries, from aerospace to defence. We completely rebuilt their HubSpot portal and restructured it into a powerful, slick sales engine.

Their problem 

While K-TIG had been loyal subscribers to multiple HubSpot Hubs, including Sales, Marketing, Service, and CMS, they were using HubSpot without a plan.

Consequently, their sales pipeline was overcomplicated, lacking automation and clear deal definitions. All deals were manually created and allocated to one person. Data entry into HubSpot was sporadic, causing a bottleneck in lead processing and hindering the team's visibility on follow-ups and valuable leads.

Furthermore, K-TIG's utilisation of the Service Hub and Marketing Hub was suboptimal, with underused manual ticket management and underutilised marketing automation features. Leads generated from marketing activity were also not allocated to the sales team.

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Finding a solution 

The main hurdle for K-TIG was their lack of trust in their data. Data wasn’t being added to HubSpot, so K-TIG weren’t getting valuable reports on the data they needed to track how their business was performing. 

Cleaned up and improved HubSpot portal across all Hubs with K-TIG team's consultation, including training and support.

The solution 

To overcome the main barrier and deliver these objectives, we:

  • ensured that only the right data was going into HubSpot, 
  • ensured that data could be presented in a simple and trustworthy way,
  • removed any redundant data and integrations
  • provided support to CMO to manage change in the organisation. 

The sheer scale of the K-TIG project meant that we had to break down the project into six stages: 

  • Data cleanup 
  • Improving customer service 
  • Supporting the sales team 
  • Optimising for lead generation
  • Trusted reporting 
  • Continuous improvement

The impact


Clean data 

Clean and organised data saves the team time and ensures data is trustworthy, so any insights are accurate and useful.

We removed old and outdated data. Remaining data was organised, and duplicate properties removed. Contact and Deal record views were also tidied up so users only saw relevant data while browsing HubSpot.

clean data in HubSpot
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Transparent knowledge base

We set up a Knowledge Base to help K-TIG’s customers find information fast, reducing the load on K-TIG. We also separated it into several levels of access (public, prospects, customers, distributors and internal users).

We implemented a Customer Portal, so customers could submit their support tickets directly on the website. We automated ticket allocation, so every query found the right team member, and the ticket pipeline was automated to include reminders and tasks.

Finally, we set up a complex chatbot to improve the customer experience 24/7. This Chatflow guided customers to relevant articles in the knowledge base. If the existing articles couldn’t help, the bot created a ticket for existing customers or directed leads to the sales team. Overall, K-TIG now offers better customer service.

Streamlined sales pipeline 

After gaining an understanding of their business, we tailored the Sales Pipeline to fit K-TIG's sales process.

We simplified the pipeline to include clearly defined lifecycle stages for better reporting. Marketing deals are now created automatically and assigned to the Sales Reps. This automation reduces the manual work for the sales team.

K-TIG workflow

Optimised marketing hub 

We overhauled lead capture on K-TIG’s website. We developed new landing pages with content offers to increase leads and conversions. Lead allocation is now fully automated and lists were set up for segmentation. This resulted in form submissions increasing to more than 40 per month.

We also connected digital ads and social media to their HubSpot, making it easier to understand the impact of marketing activities on the deal pipelines. 

Intricate reporting  

Reporting in the portal was overhauled to provide insights into sales team’s KPIs, how marketing attracts prospects and deal forecasts.

K-TIG now has a clear picture of the:

  • Value of each Sales Rep’s pipeline
  • Overall value of each Pipeline stage and deal movement
  • Activity of each Sales Rep
  • Reasons for closed lost deals
  • Contact sources
  • Conversion rates between Customer Lifecycle Stages
  • Main quality issues customers face
  • Customer service turnaround times


Sam Hutchinson

Sam’s the resident writer and office DJ at Refuel. With a background in academia, journalism, and marketing, Sam can find the words our clients need to attract, engage, and convert those tricky leads.